The social science research institute

Samforsk, the Social Science Research Institute, is an independent research unit within the Faculty of social science, business and economics. Samforsk is located in both Åbo and Vasa.

The research institute specializes in survey-based research. For example, the Finnish national election survey (FNES) is coordinated at the institute. We have, in particular, focused on Internet-based research tools in recent years whereby two electronic panel surveys have been conducted in conjunction to the 2011 and 2015 Finnish parliamentary elections. Experimental research methods, both face-to-face and online are also an integral part of our research.

Research on democracy in general and research on elections in particular constitute our main research interests. Since we are an academic institute, we primarily carry out studies which have a clear scientific purpose.

The institute is located in the Åbo Akademi campuses, the ASA-building in Åbo (Fänriksgatan 3) and the Academill-building in Vasa (Strandgatan 2).

Professor Kimmo Grönlund is the Director of the institute. The largest funder is the Academy of Finland. 

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