Visiting Fellows

During the academic year of 2016 – 2017:


Hilde Coffe, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zeeland
Hilde Coffé is an Associate Professor in Political Science at Victoria University of
Wellington. Her research interests focus on public opinion, political behaviour, and
political representation. She has written numerous articles which have been published in
leading Political Science and Sociology journals, such as Electoral Studies, Party
Politics, Political Studies, British Journal of Sociology, European Sociological Review,
Comparative European Politics, Sex Roles, and Acta Politica. She has also been a visiting
fellow and given presentations at different institutions, including University of
California (Berkeley, Irvine, and Santa Barbara), University of Nebraska (Lincoln),
University of Manchester, University of Sussex, University of Leicester and University of
Sydney. She is chair of the International Committee of the American Political Science
Association (APSA) and co-investigator of the New Zealand Election Survey.

Holly Garnett, McGill University, Canada
Holly Ann Garnett completed her PhD in Political Science at McGill University (Montreal,
Canada), where she was a student member of the Centre for the Study of Democratic
Citizenship. Her research examines how electoral integrity can be strengthened throughout
the electoral cycle, including the role of election management bodies, voter
registration, civic literacy, convenience voting measures, and election technologies. She
is a co-convener of the Electoral Management Network, and contributes to Electoral
Integrity Project, where she was a visiting intern in Sydney, Australia in 2014.

Åsa von Schoultz, Mid Sweden University, Sweden 
Professor Åsa von Schoultz specializes in political behavior with a specific focus on citizens¹ preferences for political decision-making processes and on intra-party competition. She received her PhD from Åbo Akademi University in 2002 and since 2013 she works as a Professor of Political Science at Mid Sweden University. von Schoultz is a steering group member of the Finnish National Election study and the Comparative Candidate Survey (CCS). In 2017 she will perform the Swedish part of the European Values Study. She has co-authored the book The Nordic Voter (ECPR Press) and published in journals such as European Journal of Political Research, West European Politics, Scandinavian Political Studies, Government & Opposition and Parliamentary Affairs.

Sergiu Ghergina, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany
Sergiu Gherghina is a Lecturer in Comparative Politics, Department of Politics,
University of Glasgow. His research interests lie in party politics, legislative and
voting behavior, democratization, and the use of direct democracy. His monograph on party
organization and electoral volatility in Central and Eastern Europe has been published by
Routledge (2014). His authored and co-authored works re published among others in
American Journal of Political Science, Comparative European Politics, European Political
Science Review, European Union Politics, Government & Opposition, International Political
Science Review, Journal of Legislative Studies, Party Politics and Political Studies.